Ed Tech Glossary

.bmpBitmap. A type of picture file
.csvcomma separated value file. This is information that can be opened as a spreadsheet in an Excel type program.
.doc .docxA Document file created in Microsoft Word. .docx is the more recent extension file name.
.gifA type of picture file. .gifs are often animated, so if you see a picture that moves in a short loop, it's probably a .gif
.jpgA type of picture file
.mp3A type of audio/music file
.mp4A type of audio and video file
.pdfPortable Document File. This file type opens in a file reader such as Adobe and can not be edited unless you have specific software designed for editing pdfs.
.pngA type of picture file
.wavA type of audio/music file. This type of file is generally the default for Windows/Microsoft
.xls .xlsxAn Excel file, used in spreadsheets. It is basically the .csv file but specifically for Excel.
21st century skillsThe skills that students need to succeed in the 21st century. The major categories are digital literacy, learning and innovation, and career and life skills. More explanation is available at http://www.stancoe.org/SCOE/iss/common_core/21st_century/21st_century_skills.htm and many other sites.
Access PointThe hardware device used to provide wireless network service.
Address barWhen you're online, the place that displays the web site's address (URL), often beginning with http: https: or www.
Administrative passwordSome changes or installs can only be done after entering the administrative password, which means to contact the tech dept. Submit a work order to let the tech department know what you need changed or installed.
AndroidMany phones and tablets use the Android operating system. Android is developed by Google. Apple's iPad and iPhone are their major competitors. They are different systems, but work in similar ways, focusing on using apps on touchscreen devices.
AppShort for "application," which is what programs are called in the Android and Apple (iPad/iPhone) systems. Windows 8 and higher use the term "app" also.
Asset Tag numberThe bar code and number assigned by the district to all devices, furniture, and equipment for federal identification.
Asynchronous instruction/learning This is when the lessons and/or assignments are available for students to access and complete at a time of their choosing, not at the assigned time when the class officially meets.
Blended learningA style of instruction where content, lessons and assignments use a fairly equal mix of computer-based and face to face instruction. Flipped classrooms are one example of blended learning, but there are many ways blended learning can be structured.
Blog(n) an online site where a person/group of people post writings. (v) to write articles, columns, or other pieces that you share online
Browser Also called "web browser." It is the program/app you use to get on the internet (also called the web). The most popular ones in the district are Internet Explorer (the big e on the bottom bar), Mozilla Firefox, and Chrome. For most applications (especially anything google-related), Chrome is the browser we recommend. However, the LCS web mail may work better on IE. NOTE: to install district printers, use IE, too.
C.O.WComputer On Wheels. A cart which stores a class set of computers
ChromeThe browser we generally recommend using, especially for google-related programs such as Spartan Mail and Google Drive.
CloudIn general terms, the cloud refers to information, storage or apps that are not stored or performed on a local machine, but are instead housed online. Google drive, Dropbox (storage), and Spotify (music streaming) are all examples of how many people use the cloud.
Courtesy ModeTilt your laptop screen downward so you can listen to instructions without distraction without losing your place.
DashboardIn tech terms, a dashboard is a page or screen that acts as the control panel for a program or app. From the dashboard, you have a variety of options and choices.
DASLData Analysis for Student Learning (DASL) is the web-based student information management used by Lima City Schools.
Disruptive force/disruptionAn innovation or change that forces people to act in a different manner than they are used to or expect. Current educational use views disruptive innovation and disruptive technologies as good things, leading people/classes/organizations to changes that are for the long term good. However, in the short term, the changes may be uncomfortably new.
Document cameraA projector for documents. ELMO is a brand name, not what it is.
DomainThe name that identifies where an online site is located. This is sometimes called a web site's address or URL and is found in the address bar. It is usually followed by an extension such as .com, .org, etc
DownloadTo move data or files from the internet or a specific device (Phone, tablet, jump drive) to the computer or another device. More specially, to move data from a remote source to a local source.
DragTo click a button on the mouse and hold it down, move the mouse (which moves the cursor), then release the button. On some laptops, this is difficult to do.
DriveTerm for where digital data/files are stored. Jump drives, external hard drives, and Google drive are all examples.
ELMOOne brand of document camera. (Or Bert and Ernie's furry red friend.)
Ethernet cableThe cable that connects a computer (or laptop or other device) to the internet. It's often a thick blue cord with a large connector.
Extension (.jpg, .doc, .com. org etc)The suffix at the end of a file or web address. The extension tells you what type of file it is or what type of web site it is.
f2fAbbreviation for Face 2 Face
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
File type (i.e. .jpeg, .bmp, .xls .etc)Generally, you can tell this by the extension (see examples in the glossary). The file type limits what you can do with the file: a jpeg. can't be edited like a .doc, for instance.
FilterLayer of protection against inapproiate online content mandated by CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act)
Flipped classroomEducational structure where students are introduced to concepts, content and information as their homework, often via videos or other tech-aided means, freeing class time for practicing and building on the skills and info they learned at home. Flipped classrooms are one type of blended learning.
GmailA Google email account. Our Spartan Mail is Gmail, hosted on the Lima City Schools server.
Google AppsThe group of programs including Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, hosted by Google, accessed by logging into your Google or Spartan mail account. The "box of boxes" icon in the upper right side of the screen is how you get to the Apps.
Google DriveOnline file storage, accessed by logging into your Google or Spartan mail account. You can access files you upload to your drive from any location where you can get online.
Graphics cardThe part of the computer that determines the quality of the graphics on your monitor.
H DriveIf you are in the district and logged into a school computer, the H Drive is where your files automatically save. You can not accress the H drive off site. Your Google drive, through your Spartan Mail, can be accessed when your not at school, so you can upload and save files that you'd like to work on at home from your H drive onto your Google drive.
Hard DriveThe hard drive in a computer is literally a hard disk with magnetic material where your files and programs are stored. It is often referred to as the C: drive since C is the default directory in Windows.
HardwareThe physical computer, device or related components (keyboard, monitor, printer, etc) are hardware. This is in contrast to software, which is the operating systems, programs and apps that provide the functionality of the hardware.
HDMI (port and cord)High-Definition Multimedia Interface is the type of cord and port that makes it so devices like computers, DVD players, TV's etc can play video in high definition. HDMI cables have much larger connections than USB cables, which is the size cord many Android phones use for charging and data transfer.
Hot SpotA place where you can access wifi. The term often designates a place away from your usual location, for example, a restaurant that offers free wifi has a Hot Spot.
http: https:When you are on the internet, http and https are usually the beginning of the web address for the site you want to go to. Basically, http tells the internet browser to transfer information between your device and the domain you are looking for. Https functions the same way, but is more secure. Generally, sites that you make payments on or engage in other confidential information probably use https instead of http.
Image (operaing system)Reformatting a computer to the district-created standard operating system and programs
JavaA computer programming language. If you get a Java error, put in a work order.
Low disk space errorEither there is too much saved to the computer hard drive (not the H: drive) OR the computer hard drive is failing.
Mail MergeA process where information from a spreadsheet is put into preset fields in a Word document. This creates a personalized form letter.
MalwareSoftware used to disrupt computer operations, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems.
MonitorThe screen that is attached via cables to your computer.
N computingN computing run directly off of a server, meaning these devices don't have a hard drive or operating system of their own. If you are in an N computing lab, turning off the device on the back of the monitor resets the server for everyone who is using it. In other words---don't turn off the N computing devices. If there is a problem with them, fill out a work order.
NestedHeirarchical organization of folders and files
NetworkInterconnected devices and equipment able to communicate with each other. Networks can be either cable or wireless
Operating SystemThe software that makes the computer system work. Windows and Android are common examples of operating systems.
Personal Learning Network (PLN)A self-created system for continual learning, including professional contacts and a method for curating and organizing information
PhishingPrograms that attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details
ProfileYour identification files and permissions on the network
RAMRandom Access Memory. A computer or device's memory that is similar to a person's short term memory. If a computer or device is running slowly, sometimes clearing the RAM helps.
RefreshTo refresh a page, click the circle arrow that is usually found somewhere near the address bar. It reloads the information on the page. NOTE: If you have put new information on the page, you need to click Save or Submit or the appropriate button BEFORE clicking Refresh. In most cases, refreshing a page will erase any information you have entered if you have not saved first.
Resize (window/image)To change the size of the window or image. Often, there is an edge that you click and drag to resize it.
SchoologyThe Learning Management System (LMS) Lima City Schools is using. It is an online classroom, where teachers can upload lessons, assignments and other content, and students can log in to complete assignments and access info.
SD card/mini SD card/micro SD cardSecure Digital Storage cards, the type of removable memory cards used by many phones, tablets, and cameras.
Serial numberAll computers and devices have a serial number that identifies the computer to the manufactor. This number is often needed in order to repair or service the device. Serial numbers can be anywhere on the device, but they are often on the back or side, written in very small print. On phones with a removable back, the serial number may be found inside the phone. Note that a battery will probably have a separate serial number, and that a monitor, tower, and keyboard will each have a serial number.
ServerA server is basically the computer in charge of keeping a specific group of computers or software operating.
ShareMany online programs offer the option to share your work/info/resource with other people. Google Drive and its related apps let you share, and offer the ability to choose the level of sharing; people you share with can have editing rights or only viewing rights.
SoftwareThe programming that makes it so the computer hardware can do nifty things. Software includes operating systems (such as Windows), programs and apps.
SpamThe email equivalent of junk mail.
Spartan MailA gmail account hosted by Lima City Schools. Your Spartan Mail address is your LCS username (first initial last name)@spartan.limacityschools.org
StreamWatching or listening to something online. If you are streaming, what you watch is NOT located or saved on your computer. Youtube, Netflix, and Pandora are common examples of streaming services.
SubmitMany programs require you (or your students) to click Submit before an assignment, form, or other data is registered. Look carefully before leaving a page or refreshing it to ensure that you don't need to submit info first.
Synchronous Learning/ClassroomA traditional learning set up where a teacher and class meet at the same time in the same place.
TowerIn a desktop computer, it is the part of the system that holds the hard drive. The peripherals (keyboard, mouse, printer, monitor) plug into ports located on the tower.
TwitterOnline social networking site. Members send 140 character "tweets" to their followers and can get up to the minute information by following trending topics via the use of #hashtags. Twitter is an excellent way to connect and communicate with many experts and educators.
UploadThe process of transferring info/data/files from your computer or device to another one, from a local source to a remote source. This is the reverse of downloading
URLUniform Resource Locator, usually referred to as a web site's address. It is found in the address bar.
USB (port and cord)Universal Serial Bus. A standardized connection between devices.Many phones and tablets use standard USB cords for charging and data transfer
VirtualSomething that occurs in a digital format as opposed to a concrete, physical format. A virtual classroom, for instance, means the students and teacher do not have a physical, "real" space, but inhabit an online space.
VirusA sort of malware that acts destructively in your computer. LCS protects as much as possible against viruses, but if you suspect your device is infected, contact us immediately. Tablets and phones are less likely to get viruses, but it is possible, especially if you download apps from off-brand sources ( meaning anywhere that is not Google Play or the Apple store).
VPNVirtual Private Network. Many phones and tablets offer the option of setting up a VPN even when you are on filtered networks, which means in practical terms that the person doing that can circumvent the blocks and filters that we have in place.
Web browserSee Browser
WifiWireless computer network, available via access points. A Wifi connection is slightly slower and less secure than a wired internet connection.
WindowsThe operating system used by most of the district's computers. The most recent version of Windows is Windows 10.
Work orderAn official notice to the tech department asking for troubleshooting or repairs. To fill out a Work Order, log into the LCS Staff Page, go to Technology, then click Work Order.