Broken Profile Danger

Do you log into two or more computers (including laptops) at the same time while you are at school? If so, you run a high risk of breaking your LCS account profile and potentially having multiple issues because more than one machine is attempting to access your information–your profile–at the same time. 

A broken profile can lead to extra-long log in times, issues syncing files and bookmarks, problems accessing H-drive, and sound and printing issues, depending on specifically what parts of your profile break. The problems can only be fixed by having your profile reset, and if you continue logging into different machines simultaneously, your profile will break further. We are seeing more cases of people with broken profiles than ever before; this is the major reason profiles break.

To avoid breaking your profile, only be logged into one computer at a time! If you have a laptop computer attached to a projector, you can still use that laptop to access sites and information without projecting it. The handout showing how to do that can be found at

At this point, almost all teachers have been issued a laptop, and that (and their iPad) should be their primary devices in the classroom. Taking laptops from student carts to have a separate computer hooked to a projector not only impacts student access to devices, but also damages their profile. Effectively using new technology can mean adjusting habits: maybe moving a chair for the teacher near the projector and learning to have different screens active from the same device can prevent a broken profile and provide students more access to our laptops.


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