Work Orders

The IT Department has an Advanced Work Order Database

Entering a technology work order not only alerts the IT staff about your problem, it also gives you relevant information to possibly repair your problem yourself. As you type in the problem description, links to relevant help documents will show under “Help Documents that may be related to your problem.” If you have any suggestions of additional help documents, please let the IT Department know. See the video below for example.

Common work order questions

Q. Why can’t I just send an email?

A. The technology staff receives a lot of email daily. We want to get your problems resolved as quickly as possible. An email may not reach the right person in a timely manner because the person you are emailing may be out of the office. By submitting your request in a work order, all of these problems are eliminated. Also, there may already be a help document that answers your problem.

Q. What do I put in the work order? I don’t know how to say what I need in a work order.

A. Describe the problem you are having and what you are attempting to accomplish. Be as descriptive as possible. For example: Which printer are you trying to print to? Who is logged in? What is the URL web page you are trying to access? Is this only with one student/teacher or is the whole class seeing the same issue?

Video sample of Live Help document search

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