How to Extend Your Computer Monitor onto a Projector

If your computer or laptop is connected to a projector you can use your computer while projecting other content on via your projector. The process is simple, but you will want to try it before you intend to do it in front of your class.

Click on the Action Center icon in the lower right of your screen.

Project is one of the tile options. If you don’t see the project option but the word “Expand” is located where “Collapse” is on the image, click Expand. Click Project.

Several options are available on the Project menu. To have the projector show something different than your computer screen shows, click Extend.


Once you have done that, the screen that is projected is different than what is showing on your screen. Move your cursor to the right or left until you see which direction it connected. On your main screen, open what you want to project, then click and hold to drag a different site/screen onto the projector and interact with it independently of whatever is shown on your computer screen.

*To disconnect the second screen, click PC screen only.


Here’s a video of the process: 


Last, here’s an article and video to help you do this:

How to Use Windows 10 to Project Your Screen to a Different Display

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