House Hippos Are Back–or are they? How to spot fake news

 Is fake news a real thing? And how can you tell if the information you find online is factual, accurate, and current? Media Smart’s “Break the Fake” offers humorous examples and clear guidelines and suggestions for learning to tell the difference. Go to Media Smart’s “Break the Fake” website at for more information. 
One of the tools featured on that website is a search engine that search fact-finding sites to help verify information. To fact check information, go to this site and type in the questionable info:  Reputable sites such as Snopes,, and Politifact offer a variety of related articles to help you determine whether the information is valid.
All Tech Considered  suggests these steps when you encounter questionable information online: Pay attention to the domain and URL (the site address); Read the “About Us” section of the site; Look at the quotes in a story;  Look at who said them; Check the comments; do a reverse image search. These steps are detailed in the article at . Dr. Melissa Zimdars, a professor of communication at Merrimack College, has compiled an even more detailed list of tips here:

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