How Can Technology Make You & Your Students More Effective or Efficient?

That is the question we ask when we are determining what tech-based skills, apps, and devices to focus on. We know that your time is at a premium and that this year especially, a variety of professional development requirements are flooding your schedule.

The next issue is how will the technology be used? That’s where a teacher’s professional judgement–and the state standards, the district map, and a knowledge of your students–is crucial. LCS has adopted the SAMR model of tech integration.

This chart introduces the SAMR model. Over the next few weeks, we’ll discuss it in more detail.


It’s not realistic or appropriate to think that most of our tech usage should be redefining; there are MANY times that substitution and augmentation are appropriate, and there are many times that technology is not an appropriate media for a lesson. The challenge is to find as many ways as possible to use technology effectively and efficiently at the Substitution and Augmentation levels, with at least some activities in the Modification and–ideally–in the Redefinition levels as possible.

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