Twitter Tricks: A Way to Archive and Curate Tweets

twitterDisclaimer: This article is for people who already use Twitter and are looking for ways to use it better.

Twitter can be an easy way to connect socially with friends and celebrities, but with a bit of planning, it’s a powerful professional tool, too. Identify hastags that relate to your interests or profession, then use the Google Chrome add-on “Twitter Archiver” to create a live Google spreadsheet of all the tweets that use your chosen hashtag.

One clever suggestion about how this add-on could be used in education comes from  Google user Samra Bufkins, MJ, APR

 I teach in a journalism program and require Twitter in all my courses. Each course has a hashtag and students are required to tweet course material daily. I have struggled with documenting student activities, but Twitter Archiver is the perfect tool. I can sort the spreadsheet by student name or by date to track their activity. I can share the sheets with my teaching assistants, too. I also show this tool to my students because many of them will be tracking hashtags as part of their internships, jobs or research.

Link to get the add-on:  Google Chrome Add-on Twitter Archiver

Instructional video:



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