Organizing Google Drive: Hacking Tags

Google Drive and the apps associated with it can get overwhelming to organize if you’re using your drive frequently. Ideally, tags would be a handy way to keep files quickly accessible.Tags are words that you add to a file as identifiers; for instance, a research paper on The Beatles might be tagged as 60s, music, Beatles, and research. There are two ways to add a file to multiple folders. Which method works for a file may depend on your web browser, so don’t give up if you don’t succeed first try.

For one method, you select a file in Google Drive, but don’t open it. Click Shift-Z, and you’ll get an Add dialogue box. Select the folders you want the file to appear in, click Save, and you’re done. For a more detailed guide, click Here.

The other method lets you add folders while you are working on a document. For more detailed directions and a video explaining the process, click here

Keeping your digital life organized can be a major challenge! Mastering a few tricks like this can help.

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