Finding Grants

Money doesn’t grow on trees–but it can be cultivated on paper if you write a grant. If you’re interested in writing a grant, here are two sources with info about grants.

Edutopia ‘s list of grants includes a variety of possible topics and disciplines. As of today (August 18, 2015) the list is current, but be sure to watch the due dates carefully. Some of the grants, like the Target Grants and the NEA grants, are annual, so if you miss this year’s deadline or don’t get awarded a grant, you can try again next year. The address for Edutopia’s grant page is

A huge amount of information about grants, especially related to K-12 technology, is available from Big Deal Media’s site:  An email newletter and online catalog offer an amazing array of opportunities.

If you are interested in writing a tech-related grant but need some encouragement and support, contact Jeannine at

And Good Luck!

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