Schoology: Ending One Year, Preparing For the Next

It’s wonderful how many teachers are using Schoology this year, and we are planning more training and support for it next year! Many teachers have created content–lessons, quizzes, and more–that they can reuse or adapt for next year. Here are a few hints for ending this year so that starting next year is as simple as possible.

The quick guide: save each of your classes to Resources. All the student-specific data is kept with the original class (which can be found in the Archive after the quarter ends), but the content is ready to be pulled into a shiny new class next school year. It’s that simple.

If you want more help, here’s a video from the training that shows you how to save to Resources. The part about saving to Resources starts at just over a minute into the video:

Video about Saving to Resources

For more detailed guidance, here’s the link to Schoology’s Help Center directions. The first part focuses on the gradbook, which doesn’t currently concern us, so scroll down until you see the heading “COURSES.”

And as always, message Jeannine on Schoology or drop an email to if you run into any problems!

Happy End of the School Year!

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