Technology Trends: 2013, the Year of Integration

“Technological advances that connect the digital and physical world will make 2013 the year of integration…From the integration of fragmented IT systems to all encompassing smartphones and smart televisions, in 2013, technology will keep the heavy lifting confined to the backend and enable incredible intuitiveness, simplicity and seamlessness for users.”

-Himanshu Sareen, CEO of Icreon Tech.

Here in the district we are working to virtualize student computers in the elementary, give web access to more programs, and incorporate mobile media options like tablets and smart phones.

How have you worked towards integration of curriculum and technology this year?  What are you planning to integrate next year?  The district has many tools to help.  Set up your class on our Moodle, WordPress, or Google Apps for a start!


There is a good resource here for teaching with technology thanks to the University of Michigan’s Center for Research on Teaching and Learning.

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