Did You Know: Security- Locking the Screen

When you get up and walk away from your computer, it is best to lock the screen.  “Safety first” is a great motto and locking your screen is a great first step.  When you are away from your computer and leave it logged in, it allows anyone who sits in your seat access to the network under your name.  While we all want to trust our staff and students alike, it is best to not give the opportunity for anyone to use your access.  After all, it’s your access and you will be held accountable if anything happens.  Luckily, there is a quick key stroke that will lock the screen and takes just seconds as you stand up.  If you hold down the windows button and then press the L, you will go to a screen where you are logged in still, but you will need to enter your password to get back to your desktop.  Try it!


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