Nexus 7 Android Tablet

The Nexus 7 Android Tablet has a 7 inch screen and runs the latest version of Android 4.2.1 (known as Jelly Bean). There are 3 different models of the tablet. The models are A 16 GB Nexus 7, 32 GB Nexus 7, and a 32 GB nexus 7 with Mobile Data.

The 16 GB and 32 GB Nexus 7 tablets are WiFi only, meaning that in order to download an app to the tablet or browse the internet a WiFi connection is needed.

The 32 GB Nexus 7 Tablet with Mobile data has the ability to connect to AT&T ‘s cell service with a mobile data plan.

There are several downsides to the Nexus 7 Tablet. First, it has no rear facing camera and no expandable storage. The tablet has a front facing camera for use with Google Plus hangouts or skype, but no camera to take pictures with. This is not a big issue since most people have a cell phone with a camera in it or own a camera. Also, it can be awkward to take pictures with a tablet.

Expandable storage is an issue if you plan on storing large files like movies or pictures on the device. There is no slot to insert a microSD card.

The 16 GB Nexus 7 is $199 and can be purchased at:

The 32 GB Nexus 7 is $249 and can be purchased at:

The 32 GB Nexus 7 with Mobile Data is $299 and can be purchased at:

These tablets may also be purchased at most major retailers and box stores.




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