DECA to create new Limaopoly

It’s been 10 years since the city of Lima found itself at the center of the game of Monopoly, but a new group of Lima Senior High School DECA students is about to put the city back on the map – or game board.

A newer modern version of Limaopoly is in the works by DECA seniors Jayden Donald, Lauren Zell and Adrian Bowsher. Limaopoly is a replica of the original Parker Brothers game that will be sold to the public once produced.

“This is such a grand idea and it gets the entire community involved,” Donald said of why the group selected the project.

Students are currently selling spots on the board to area businesses, clubs and individuals. A few spots have already been snatched up, including by the University of Northwestern Ohio, who took all the coveted railroad spots.

A spot on the board can be guaranteed for $250. Priority placement (such as corner spots) is $500 and goes down from there. There will also be “mention spots” available for less.

Zell said the project is good for the students because it will get them out into the community and connecting with local businesses.

“And it’s just a cool project to get to make the game board,” she said.

Students said the game board and box will be updated with a modern design. The students will use the game as the project they will compete with later this school year.

The game will be available for purchase by early December- just in time for the perfect Christmas present, the students said. The cost will be $29.99.

To purchase a spot on the Limaopoly board or to order the game, call 419-308-1188. The deadline to get a spot on the board is Sept. 26.

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