Pop Quiz with Mr. Zell


Name: John Zell

Position/School:  Athletic Director Lima Senior

How long in position: 5 years

What do you love about your job: Watching motivated student athletes set goals and achieve them

What would students be surprised to know about you:  I am the oldest of seven children

Did you ever get in trouble in school? If so, what for:  Not really …  In high school I knocked books out of a student’s hands and they went all over the hallway.  I had to do 50 push-ups as a punishment.

What is your favorite childhood Christmas memory: Traveling with my family on Christmas Eve to visit all of my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents that lived close to us.

Best Christmas present you ever received: Cincinnati Bengals football helmet and uniform

Worst Christmas present you ever received:  Typewriter

What food do you refuse to eat: Fast food

Favorite sport to play: Baseball

Favorite sport to watch: OSU Football

If you were a baseball player and had a Walk Up Song, what would it be: Notorious Thugs – Biggie and Bone Thugs

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