Pop Quiz with Mr. Selhorst

pop quiz art 2     dsc_4412

Name: Ryan Selhorst

Position/School: 5th Grade Math Teacher at North Middle School

How long in position: 2 years

What do you love about your job: Seeing when students who have struggled with a concept finally grasp it (the Ah ha moment).

Did you ever get in trouble in school? If so, what for: Rarely. Bullying another student (thought we were playing, my friend didn’t take it that way).

What is your favorite thing about the holidays: Being with family

Best Christmas present ever: Golf Clubs

What do you like to do on a snow day: Sled and Ski

What food do you refuse to eat: Nothing

Are you superstitious: Absolutely not (just don’t ask the last time I washed my baseball socks).

Best advice anyone ever gave you: You don’t deserve respect, you earn it.

Do you sing in the shower? If so, what do you sing: All the time. Depends, but most often The Beatles.

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