Pop Quiz with Mr. Eckert

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Name: Paul Eckert

Position/School: Elementary General Music/ Liberty Arts Magnet

How long in position: 5th Year

What do you love about your job: Awesome students, awesome staff, awesome music, and awesome creativity!

What would students be surprised to know about you? I hold Hot Wheels tournaments.  My son, Rylen, and I name each car in the tournament.

Biggest pet peeve: When Lucy, my cat, takes my spot on the bed and lies on my covers.  That’s my “Pet” peeve! LOL

Are you superstitious: I am not.  I am Super Spiritual!

Did you ever get in trouble in school? If so, what for:  I got a detention for setting the teacher’s alarm clock ahead 5 minutes to get out of class early on April Fool’s Day.

What is your favorite kind of music: The kind I can replay in my head. The kind I can move to. The kind I can sing to. The kind I can work out to. The kind I can rap to.  And the kind that inspires me to create more music.

How many instruments do you play? What are they:  Maybe I should tell you the instruments I do not play because that would be a smaller list!  I do not play orchestral strings like violin, viola, cello, string bass and harp.  However I could play them with just a little practice.

Do you sing in the shower? If so, what do you sing:  Absolutely!  I also beatbox and rap in the shower!  I use the shower as a music laboratory.

What food do you refuse to eat: Dill Pickles! Yuck! I do, however, love sweet pickles!

Any interesting hobbies: Crossfit.  It’s basically torturing yourself until you’re tired of it. But I love it.

Best advice anyone ever gave you: With great power, comes great responsibility.  (Just got done watching Ultimate Spiderman on Netflix)

Worst advice anyone ever gave you:  “You are what you eat.”  If that were the case, right now I would have turned into a heaping pile of nutritious oatmeal (Maple and Brown Sugar).

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