Lima Senior ProgressBook

ProgressBook is a classroom management solution that integrates grade book, attendance, and parent communication into one comprehensive, web-based system. ProgressBook enables teachers, school administrators, parents, and students to track and maintain student information.

Grades are updated at least weekly – some teachers update grades daily.  Please note that some assignments and projects may take longer to grade than others. If you or your child has a question about a grade, please contact the teacher of that class.

A parent will be asked to create an account with a valid email address during the first visit to the new site. This username and password will then be utilized in the future, and a parent registration key will be needed when asked to add student(s) to the parent account. There is one parent registration key for each student.

Click here to access ProgressBook.


Password / Login Assistance

If you are having issues or problems with ProgressBook including needing log in and password assistance, please contact Steve Mittendorf at 

All requests for assistance must include your name as well as your child’s name, school and grade level.

ProgressBook ParentAccess Quick Reference Guide 

ProgressBook ParentAccess User Guide