The Gifted and Talened Program (Enrichment) at the Lima City Schools teaches gifted children who are in grades 3-8. Mrs. Rigali teaches gifted students in third and fourth grade at Unity Elementary. Mrs. Markley teaches superior cognitive gifted students in third to eighth grade at South Science Tech. Mr. Shoemaker teaches gifted students in fifth thru eighth grade at North Middle School. Our students meet for one day a week for several hours based on the location of their grade.

All three Gifted Teachers create their own curriculum that is rigous and stretches our students cognitive and creative abilities. Our Gifted Teachers work hard to stay informed of new teaching strategies, and implement them into their classrooms. Each teacher creates units and projects for our students based on the State Standards of Ohio.

Our gifted children will participate in projects that are not introduced in the regular classroom. We expect our gifted students to excell not only in the regular classroom, but also in the gifted classroom.

Parents please feel free to contact your child’s gifted teacher anytime. You can see all three teacher’s contact information on the Contact page.


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