PARCC Test Dates for West Students

PARCC Testing Dates

Here are the PARCC testing dates for the 7th and 8th grade. We will not have class on these dates. I will be sending reminders to your school principals to let them know. (***Make up testing as needed March 3-10***)
           7th Grade
Feb. 20: ELA        
Apr. 23: ELA
Feb. 23: ELA        
Apr. 24: ELA
Feb. 24: ELA        
May 4: Math
Feb. 27: Math      
May 5: Math

Mar. 2:  Math

          8th Grade
Feb. 17: ELA          
Apr. 20: ELA
Feb. 18: ELA          
Apr. 21: ELA
Feb. 19: ELA          
May 7: Math
Feb. 25: Math         
May 8: Math
Feb. 26:  Math        
May 11: Geometry

Mar. 11: Science    
May 12: Geom / Sci
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