Finding Grants

Money doesn’t grow on trees–but it can be cultivated on paper if you write a grant. If you’re interested in writing a grant, here are two sources with info about grants.

Edutopia ‘s list of grants includes a variety of possible topics and disciplines. As of today (August 18, 2015) the list is current, but be sure to watch the due dates carefully. Some of the grants, like the Target Grants and the NEA grants, are annual, so if you miss this year’s deadline or don’t get awarded a grant, you can try again next year. The address for Edutopia’s grant page is

A huge amount of information about grants, especially related to K-12 technology, is available from Big Deal Media’s site:  An email newletter and online catalog offer an amazing array of opportunities.

If you are interested in writing a tech-related grant but need some encouragement and support, contact Jeannine at

And Good Luck!

Like Pintrest, But Not

Many people have asked for Pintrest to be unblocked, but because there is inappropriate content on that site, we can’t unblock it. You can still use Pintrest-style sites for educational purposes, however. Two sites that you could try are Blendspace and Learnist. Also, depending on what you are trying to do, if you are a 5-12th grade teacher, Schoology’s portfolios or Media Albums may do just what you need! (If you aren’t sure how to use those, contact Jeannine Jordan at for tips.)



Here’s a board with hints and tips for using Learnist:

How To Forward Your Spartan Mail

forwardspartanmail <—–  Here’s a handy pdf of the directions.

Spartan Mail is an invaluable tool, and it’s often the easiest way for students to get in touch with us. However, Lotus Notes is our default email, and many people rarely log into their Spartan Mail account. You can make sure you don’t miss any emails by forwarding all your Spartan Mail to your Lotus notes (or another email) account.

Here’s how:

1. Log into your Spartan Mail (user name: same as  Lotus notes with after your user name)

2. Click on the Settings gear


3. Click on Settings




4. Click on the Forwarding & POP/IMAP tab, then click on “Add Forwarding Address”



Follow the screen directions from there. BE SURE TO CLICK “SAVE CHANGES” when you finish!

There are quite a few options that you can choose on that screen–don’t let that overwhelm you! The default settings will forward your mail, so you don’t have to change anything else. Simply adding an address and making certain that forwarding all mail is chosen will do the job.





Schoology: Ending One Year, Preparing For the Next

It’s wonderful how many teachers are using Schoology this year, and we are planning more training and support for it next year! Many teachers have created content–lessons, quizzes, and more–that they can reuse or adapt for next year. Here are a few hints for ending this year so that starting next year is as simple as possible.

The quick guide: save each of your classes to Resources. All the student-specific data is kept with the original class (which can be found in the Archive after the quarter ends), but the content is ready to be pulled into a shiny new class next school year. It’s that simple.

If you want more help, here’s a video from the training that shows you how to save to Resources. The part about saving to Resources starts at just over a minute into the video:

Video about Saving to Resources

For more detailed guidance, here’s the link to Schoology’s Help Center directions. The first part focuses on the gradbook, which doesn’t currently concern us, so scroll down until you see the heading “COURSES.”

And as always, message Jeannine on Schoology or drop an email to if you run into any problems!

Happy End of the School Year!