Spartan Innovation Exemplars: Taylor Halliday and Beth Bartels

Mrs. Bartels (standing) watches students coding Dance Parties on the Hour of Code website.

Liberty teachers Beth Bartels and Taylor Halliday fearlessly left their comfort zones to encourage students to explore computer logic during Lima City Schools’ Hour of Code celebration.

Bartels and Halliday run an Explorer group focused on careers at Liberty Arts Magnet. After they attended the Staff Hour of Code event in November, they realized that coding as a career would be an excellent program for their Explorers. The first stage of the meeting involved the students creating and “running” a live-action program using signs and a grid taped on the floor. With the help of LCS Technology Integration coach Jeannine Jordan, the students were introduced to programming loops and if/then statements in a giggle-filled simulation. Following that, the students and the teachers explored the Hour of Code site, trying a variety of programs.

Mrs. Halliday (far right) sampled the Hour of Code site too and compared notes with students about which exercises she found most challenging.

Both teachers use regularly use technology in their classrooms, especially Schoology. For example, paper and pencil reviews have become Schoology assignments in Halliday’s dance class, and Bartels’ drama classes often record performances for sharing and critique.

Mrs. Bartels, Mrs. Halliday and the students had a great afternoon exploring coding via the live-action game and the Hour of Code website. To see the options on the website, go to– and if you are interested in trying the live-action game, contact Jeannine at for further info.

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