Kindling Readers: The Ohio Digital Library



Reading on a Kindle or Nook app does not have to be expensive. The Ohio Digital Library is an amazing free resource–and all you need to use it is a library card from one of the Ohio libraries that partner with it. If you don’t happen to have a nearby library that is a member (most Ohio libraries are members), you can get a free State Library of Ohio card that includes access to the Ohio Digital Library (Click here for State Library of Ohio info).

The Ohio Digital Library has an amazing array of books and magazines, including current bestsellers and children’s books. It also offers audiobooks and streaming video.

If you have a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, you can get the free Kindle app from Amazon or the Nook app from Barnes and Noble. Then browse at the Ohio Digital Library, click on a book that you want to read, and you’ll find a variety of options, including Borrow, Place a Hold (if there are none available to Borrow), Sample, Bookmark, or Share. Most books can be delivered directly to your Amazon account for downloading to your device. Just a couple of clicks and your book appears, ready to read!

There are other places online to borrow books for free that are in public domain like Project Gutenberg, and there are book subscription websites such as Scribd and Amazon Unlimited. The Lima Public Library has an amazing array of resources, too.

One of the best parts of living in a digital age is the easy access to information!






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