EduApp: Evernote

Evernote is a program whose virtues I extoll.  This is my go-to program for all research and planning.  If you have yet to see this amazing app, here is a quick video:

How to Use Evernote- Evernote Overview

I have it on every device I own, and I subscribe to their service so I can share notebooks and notes with others.  This is great for collaboration!  Also, with a free app for nearly all platforms, it can be on every device you own, and the files sync between the various platforms.  Then anywhere you go, your notes and files are there.  Of course, the down side of this is that wherever I am, my shared folder called “grocery list” can be modified so I can always stop on my way home– list in hand!

I use the webclipper for research on the internet and PDFs, and I attach documents and files to notes to share with others or to refer to later.

Basically, everyone who uses Evernote uses it for slightly different reasons, but I think you will find it an amazing tool for designing curriculum and organizing your life.

Here is the EPIC Evernote experiment at The Nerdy Teacher 


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