Students honored for academics, top student wins car

Ti'are Spivey sits insider her new car.      Students who qualified to win the car pose with it after the banquet.


Lima Senior High School senior and this year’s Valedictorian Ti’ara Spivey left last night’s Honors Banquet the owner of a new car donated by Tom Ahl Family Dealerships of Lima.

Spivey was one of 25 students with the chance to win the car, which is part of an incentive program for students.

Students who turned 16 before April 1, maintained a 3.5 GPA all school year, had no absences, no tardiness and no discipline referrals had the chance to win the car. A reverse raffle format is used to determine the winner.

The other students who met the criteria were Alexandria Moening, Ryan Utendorf, Noah Phillips, Ashley Smart, Anthony Lutz, Zachary Zwiebel, Anija Dupree, Brandon Stegg, Almarina Sutton, Daniel Osborn, Hailee Dunn, Ta’tiana Goston, Ryan Johnston, Lauren Willhight, Keaten Hittle, Lydia Henry, Kash Sutton, Jordan Guice, DaQuasha Lawrence, Dalonte’ Manley, Bryce Binkley, Jakyra Hunter, Samantha Doan, Camden Willhight.

This was the third year of the incentive program and the year with the most students qualifying.

Included in the academic honors were students selected by each department as the best in each grade. Teachers in each department decide on the award winners. Students did not know they won until the banquet.

The following were honored. They are listed in order from freshman to seniors.

English: Molly Sheets, Caden Burklund, Claire Mericle and Jasmine Pinn

Math: Evelyn Williams, Ryan Utendorf, Alyssa Jackson and Nathan Shauf

Social Studies:  Christopher Sellati, Roderick Thomas, Jeremiah Dew and Michaela Musto

Science: Seth Jones, Jourdyn Rawlins, Kaitlyn Marchbanks and Taryn Lesh

Spanish: Ara Rexford and Ti’ara Spivey

French: Hailey Bartels and Maria Guida

Career Tech: Ta’tiana Goston and Daquasha Lawrence

Art: Emalea Collins, Anija Dupree, Elica Hobbs and Samantha Doan

Music: Richard Lee, Noah Phillips. Saharra Young and Sofia Restivo

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