LSH student invited to medical conference


Te’Osha Williams has been drawn to the medical field since the fourth grade, an interest the television show “Grey’s Anatomy” fostered.

Today, after spending three days with award-winning medical professionals from around the world, she is even more certain of her future.

“I loved it,” she said. “It really gave me a head start on knowing what I can do to become the doctor I want to be.”

The Lima Senior High School sophomore spent three days last June in Boston attending the Congress of Future Medical Leaders.

Te’Osha, who was invited to attend the event with thousands from around the world, recently received an Award of Excellence from the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists for her participation.

A letter arrived in the mail one day inviting Te’Osha to the conference. Invites only come to high achieving, high academic students.

“I did not know anything about it before then,” she said. “It surprised me. I was shocked.”

The congress included lectures and time to talk with prestigious medical professionals, including four Nobel Prize winners and many other award-winning and prominent doctors.

Te’Osha met a doctor who was involved with developing the first testing for Ebola. And a man who was blind for half his life until he received a bionic eye.

“I was really, really shocked. I never thought that could happen,” she said of the eye surgery.

The trip to Boston solidified her decision to go to medical school and become a surgeon.  She’s undecided as to what kind of surgeon she wants to be.

“I love doctoring,” she said. “I love helping people. It is just my passion.”

Along with meeting the medical professionals, Te’Osha spent the three days with students from all around the world and from varying cultures. She described that as another upside of attending.

Te’Osha is the daughter of Ashley and Jeff Williams. She maintains a 3.8 grade-point average and is a Spartan cheerleader. Until an injury, she played basketball and volleyball too.

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