Pop Quiz with Mrs. Hood

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Name: Chrissy Hood

Position/School:  Marketing Teacher/DECA Advisor at Lima Senior High School

How long in position: 11 years

What do you love about your job: I love the opportunity to work with the amazing students in all of my classes. We have such talented and creative students. The best part of my job is being able to travel with students, giving them the opportunity to experience real-life business and marketing outside of the school building!  Providing a student their first opportunity to fly, take a train or just experience a new city, there is no greater feeling than watching them grow through these experiences.

What would students be surprised to know about you:  I am obsessed with bridges. I used to work as a project manager for a bridge construction company. I was married at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, my favorite span.  I have model bridges, several pieces of artwork with bridges in my house.

Biggest pet peeve: Opened cupboard doors….just tap it shut, tap it shut!  Students used to leave my cabinet doors open on purpose to see how long I could teach before freaking out and noticing they were open…I would tell a student to “Tap it shut” immediately!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions (if so, what will it be this year):  Oh yes, same every year…exercise more, eat better, lose weight…sometimes it works, sometimes….

What is your favorite childhood Christmas memory:  Going to Christmas Eve church service for the children’s program with my family, then coming home and Santa had visited while we were gone.

Best Christmas present you ever received: My first bicycle…a few years ago!

Did you ever get in trouble in school? If so, what for:  Oh yes. I like to talk and joke, and was a major class clown. I got in trouble a lot for talking and laughing when I shouldn’t have been.

What would you have done differently in high school:  I would have chosen to attend a college further away from home, possibly study abroad.

What food do you refuse to eat: Cheap lunch meat ham. That’s really it. I have very diverse eating habits. I love Greek and Thai food!

Worse advice anyone ever gave you:  I was told not to consider becoming a teacher. I took that advice for undergrad (Univ. of Toledo), but ditched that awful advice and went to grad school (BGSU) to earn my master’s in education.

Do you sing in the shower (if so, what):  Sometimes. I like R & B and really can belt out some Alicia Keys or John Legend…ask Mr. Hood how good I am!


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