Pop Quiz with Mrs. Lee

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Name: Kristin Lee

Position/School: Art Teacher –Lima Senior High School

How long in position: 9th year at Lima Senior, 22nd year teaching with LCS

What do you love about your job: Working with students, helping them enhance their skills and creativity, and seeing them grow as artists.

What would students be surprised to know about you:  I spend more of my “free time” performing in theatrical productions than creating personal artwork.

Favorite artist: Vincent Van Gogh!

Biggest pet peeve: Students showing me their projects and asking, “Can I be done?”

Are you superstitious (explain):  I am not really superstitious, but I am big about having rituals I do consistently prior to, and during theatrical performances.

What would you have done differently in high school:  Hmmm…  I can’t think of anything, really. I loved my high school experience (Go Wauseon Indians!)

What food do you refuse to eat:  I am not a fan of most green foods. I am more of a ‘brown” food kind of person.

Do you sing in the shower (what do you sing): Who doesn’t?  I prefer musical theatre ballads, or if I really want to warm up my vocal chords…opera!

What are you afraid of: Creepy things that crawl….or slither…(oh, and clowns).

Worst advice anyone ever gave you:  Whatever kind of loans I was encouraged to get for my college tuition, it was the “wrong” kind.  I found out later that if I had applied for the “right” kind of loan, I would have had most of it “forgiven” over the course of about 10 years.

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