Football Fan Bus

Don’t miss a single Spartan football game this season. Catch the fan bus for all the away games.

Date            Location            Cost  Depart        Passenger

Aug. 29      Middletown         $20    5 pm           45 min/55max passenger

Sep. 11       Piqua                 $20    6 pm           45 min/55max passenger

Oct. 9        Findlay                $20    6 pm           45 min/55max passenger

Oct. 23       Oregon Clay        $20    5 pm           32 max passenger

Oct. 30       Toledo CC           $20    5 pm           45 min/55max passenger

**Cost does not include admission to games. Purchase pre-sale tickets at the Lima Senior Athletic Department: $6 Adult, $4 Student. Bus tickets will be on sale Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. during away game weeks.  Game tickets can be purchased with a bus ticket only.

***The minimum amount of passengers is required for the bus to be available.

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